Keasha,  Seattle born rapper/singer tells the story of an underdog in her song Champ.

I’ve been knocked against the ropes

I’ve been punched up in my throat

Keasha talks figuratively of all the blows, punches that life has dealt her. She speaks of what she has been through and how she sees them as life lessons and learning from them, working on herself and preparing for the war ahead
saying “The Champ is here” as a message to her oppositions.

I’ve been working on my core
Guess it’s time to go to war

Keasha talks of all the losses she has taken in the past years, comparing herself to similar underdogs in boxing with similar “rags to riches” story such as Creed, Mohammed Ali, Mr Miyagi etc. With beautiful wordplay Keasha shares that no matter what life throws at us, we should see it as some sort of motivation or fuel to aspire to attain victory, so that at the end we will also be called Champions.

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Watch video to Champ below.

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